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Why online dating is great for nurses

Why online dating is great for nurses

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Dating is great - that’s the general idea. You meet lots of people, you go on lots of dates, you have fun and eventually you meet the one and only…but it doesn’t hurt to have gone on plenty of interesting dates before that. Who didn’t dream of an exciting love life as a child? There’s a catch though - you are no longer a child, you no longer have your afternoons and evenings free. You work, maybe shift work. You have other obligations - from social events, to ensuring the bills are paid on time. You might have children already. And suddenly dating becomes a chore. When are you supposed to find time to date? Or if you have time, do you have the energy?

Working as a nurse can be taxing. The hours are long, or weird, or both. You are dealing with people in a hectic environment all day long. It’s a miracle you haven’t lost your mind entirely. Of course it can be very, very rewarding as well - helping people heal and lightening their day is a wonderful job. Seeing people heal when you’ve been there throughout the journey, or part of the journey, can be one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. That’s not to say it still isn’t taxing though. Both physically and mentally. Even with the best tools in the world to deal with it there is still a human factor you can’t ignore.

If you are a nurse you probably love your job, as you chose it for a reason. You are dedicated to something you love. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a partner though, but with crazy hours and a life to attend to, it can get hectic. Finding someone who understands your job and your hours can be even more hectic.

Then, enter online dating. Suddenly you can contact people in your home town, or further a field from the comfort of your own home. You can sit in your PJs sipping wine, or tea, and watching a movie after a long day and still flirt with someone interesting. You can meet thousands of singles in one place. You no longer have the pressure of having to attend various social events just in case you might meet someone. A social life is important, but you can make sure it’s about meeting friends and contacts rather than fret about finding someone to date. It simply takes the pressure off social events.

Online dating is great as well if your friends, in true Bridget Jones spirit are “snug married couples”who keep asking you about your love life. If they do you can briefly mention that you have three dates in the coming week. That will probably stop them harassing you. Especially if they wish they had dated a bit more before settling down.

If you want to have fun dating, meeting new people outside your circle of friends (or snug married couples) then Uniform Dating is a good place to go. Especially as it’s a site specifically designed for people in the uniformed professions such as nurses, doctors, police officers, pilots, soldiers, etc. who all have in common working long hours in pressurized situations, where people are involved.

Online dating is the kind of thing you want to explore as well, because everyone seems to be doing it and it’s a fun thing to try at least once in life. The bad rep it once had is gone as people have figured out it’s not good giving strangers their credit card details or home address, but rather meet them for coffee a few times before investing themselves. In other words: since people got the hang of this, the online fraudsters have started to dissipate, and online dating now has a great reputation. In fact, online dating has become the second most popular way of finding a partner. So if you like mingling with new people, potentially meeting your dream man or woman, then online is the place to be!

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