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Professional Resource Centre

Professional Resource Centre

The Nursing in Practice Professional Resource Centre aims to provide you with the latest updates in professional issues related to pay, clinical skills, career development and employment.

With the responsibilities of the primary care nurse increasing and the new requirement for nurses to be educated to degree level, extra support and recognition are vital for all professionals working in this setting. The coalition’s NHS reforms have provided extra challenges and the work of the primary care nurse, in the GP practice or in the community, is a key part of the drive for better public health.

Latest professional news

17.02.16: Diabetes UK is calling for nurses with experience treating the complex needs of people with diabetes to sign up as a local volunteer, to scale down the “diabetes crisis”
16.02.16: The number of people dying from respiratory diseases in Wales has fallen by 10% in a year, a new report revealed
16.02.16: The cuts to local support for mums could damage the plans for improved maternal mental health, a union of mental health nurses warned
15.02.16: It will handle calls from healthcare employees from any sector, who are afraid to raise concerns about the way their organisation is dealing with cases of child abuse
15.02.16: Mental health looks set for a shake-up as “a brave new vision” has been set out by NHS England’s Mental Health Taskforce

Latest professional clinical articles

Tuesday 12 May 2015
Patients and nurses across the UK and around the world will today be celebrating Nurses’ Day 2015, an international event that gives health care staff, patients and the public the chance to reflect on the valuable contribution nurses make
Friday 1 May 2015
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is proving a controversial topic as it could open the NHS up to commissions in America, but is it something that health professionals should worry about?
Friday 1 May 2015
At the Department of Health the GMB Union protested against cuts and closures of London hospitals
Monday 2 February 2015
A campaign has been launched to highlight the unpaid hours done by nursing staff.
Monday 2 February 2015
A UK military healthcare worker has been transported to England following potential exposure to the Ebola virus.

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Advertorial features

Tuesday 19 July 2011
In our latest online survey we looked at the subject of skincare and your experiences of treating patients with scars and stretchmarks. Read on for a summary of the results ...
Thursday 20 January 2011
Practices are being expected to do more with the same or fewer resources. Effectively managing same-day appointments is becoming more important than ever, and nursing teams are being expected to play an ever greater role, say Jeremy Dale and Lynn Shrimpton

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